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Huff Wilkes LLP is a boutique law firm that limits its practice to property tax litigation (certiorari) and advisory services throughout New York State. Our firm philosophy is straightforward:
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In Rem Foreclosures Property tax foreclosures, also known as “in rem” proceedings, are often commenced by local or county government en masse to collect delinquent property taxes. These proceedings are highly technical in nature and a rigorously detailed process must be followed in order for a property to be taken by the municipality and then auctioned to satisfy the delinquent taxes. More
Tax Exemptions The list of available property tax exemptions in New York State is quite long. Common exemptions apply to new construction, agricultural uses, religious and charitable uses, hospitals, and educational institutions. Exemptions may also be available to veterans, senior citizens, the disabled, and others. Some exemptions are mandatory and some are discretionary. More
Illegal Tax Assessments Perhaps the most common example of an illegal assessment is known as “selective reassessment”, or “welcome stranger”, in which the Assessor has increased a property’s assessment based on a recent purchase price even though no improvements were made and no general revaluation has occurred. We will investigate the circumstances of any assessment increase and, where appropriate, pursue a reduction based upon grounds of illegality. More
Tax Appeals (Certioraris) Tax certiorari proceedings are not for the faint of heart and are rarely pursued by general practitioners. The rules and deadlines are generally unforgiving and complex, and it is the norm for commercial tax appeals to extend for at least several years before the court approves a reduction in assessment. More